According to Rumble, “Captain the pug loves PetSmart more than anything!” Captain is all of us in our favorite store. and seriously a grand fuck you to people that got shiba inus and pugs in 2013 because of the internet and have now left them in a shelter or rescue because you didnt do research. Buy any bag of food at PetSmart and we donate a meal to shelter dogs! Some pugs can cost hundreds even thousands to vet and rehabilitate depending on each pugs circumstance. My dog can’t control his excitement whenever I say “Wanna go for a walk?” or “Want a Watch this pug go absolutely nuts when he finds out he’s going to PetSmart . Read our pet grooming FAQ for information on required vaccinations and pet health status, grooming services available, and more at PetSmart. Academy-trained, safety certified Pet Stylists have 800+ hours of hands-on experience bathing, trimming & styling dogs and cats of all breeds & sizes. Details File Size: 323KB Duration: 1.760 sec Dimensions: 498x278 Created: 3/15/2020, 11:22:42 AM To set the scene, a little pug named Captain is riding shotgun when his owner pulls into the parking lot of the local PetSmart. From dresses and jumpers, to hoodies and bows, you'll find everything you need to complete your dog's outfit. I remember when I was a kid and Mom and Dad would say ‘McDonalds’ in Pig Latin. Browse PetSmart and see our big selection dog dishes and feeders. PetSmart offers quality products and accessories for a healthier, happier pet. Us kids always knew that meant we were going to McDonald’s and we would get to play in the Playground and have an ice cream sundae. Uses the doggie door to access the fenced patio. -Likes: Loves squeaky tennis balls and squeaky plush toys. Everyday is a funday at FunnyWorm. To return the guinea pig, take the animal and your receipt to your nearest PetSmart location. -approx. It would appear Captain was getting dropped off to PetSmart’s doggie daycare for the day and he simply could not contain his excitement. See more cute, hilarious, funny pics, GIFs, videos on FunnyWorm. I'm most excited when I can go into our stores and see the culmination of projects that we’ve been working on for many months. We do full laps of the house and we both have a lot of fun doing it. Bath, haircut, walk-in services & more! Youtuber jkapper11 uploaded this video showing his dog ‘Captain’ absolutely freaking out with excitement as they enter the PetSmart parking lot. Pug is adorably excited to go to a pet store This pug has a lot of personality in his little body. This is an adorable video of a Pug names Captain that obviously loves going to PetSmart. In addition to the cutest dog collars for pups of all sizes, we carry training collars and no-pull harnesses to help keep your pet secure and well-mannered when out on the town, sitting in the car or walking at the park. Did you know that the average dog can understand roughly 165 words? Shop our collection of dog and puppy supplies, including the latest accessories, toys, crates, collars and more. We’re so excited to become a PetSmart Charities grantee! From dog collars and reflective harnesses to leashes with a little bling, PetSmart has everything you need to keep your pup safe and looking their best. It is, after all, heaven on earth for dogs! If you purchased a guinea pig from PetSmart, you have 14 days to return it, according to our communications with the company. There's nothing quite like a dog video to help improve your mood. Find PetSmart pet stores near you! We would be so wiggly and excited in the car. Physical cards Petco, PetSmart, Pet Value can be sent to our mailing address. Pug information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. That’s when the dog straight-up LOSES it. Right breed for you? Be ready to answer the question WHY PETSMART? We appreciate support for our efforts in order to continue helping pugs that are in need. Find in-store pet services like Grooming, … Last week, she changed direction and I had to jump over her, except she ran under me as I was landing and I ended up falling on her paw with my 86kg of weight breaking her foot. This pug doesn’t just want to go swimming. When this Pug named ‘Captain’ sees the sign and hears the word ‘Petsmart’ from his owner, he absolutely loses it and can’t wait to get out of the car. Brain Games is a fun, yet challenging class for dogs of all ages. Thanks to donations made at PetSmart stores, we’re able to make an even bigger difference for pets in our community. This class will provide physical and mental stimulation that will help improve communication, lessen hyperactivity and boredom, while growing a stronger bond between you and your dog. This pug wants to go "SHWIMMIN." Find out how to book appointments online, get pricing, and learn about our Look Great Guarantee! Find everything you need online to care for your dog at PetSmart. Although pugs are known as fluffy couch potatoes, and I would recommend at least 30 minutes of walking a day. Find a great selection of top dog food brands for your pet. You made all of the adults feel a bit awkward, but you couldn’t contain yourself because PREZZIES! Petsmart must be heaven for dogs, cats, and many other animals who get a chance to walk through its doors. I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach and she does great on this food, I was having to buy it elsewhere but now I can pick it up during any of our numerous trips to Petsmart.. its right down the street from me and I am in there 2-3 times a week to socialize my foster pups (and every Saturday as a volunteer for our local rescue). The video was posted back in 2012 and is slowing starting to take the internet by storm! Find cute dog clothes, shoes and apparel at PetSmart. That’s exactly the feeling this Pug has when his dad tells him they’ve arrived at PetSmart. age: 4yrs -potty trained and pee pad trained, but does drink a lot of water so needs to go out more regularly. Due to Covid we do not get close, but so far, she has not barked, although she does get excited to see other people and dogs.She really wants to be with people. Since my dog is also barking, I am not sure if Luna is reactive barking or barking on her own.During our walks, we see other adults, children, and dogs. PetSmart Services Booking. Serve your dogs in style with our fun and functional dog bowls and dog feeders. She also does have excited leaky pee accidents, so I give her loves after she has gone out in the morning or I have just returned home, etc. I am so excited that Petsmart is now carrying Natural Balance! This video starts off with Captain in the car with his owner, but as soon as he finds out where he is going, he can’t conceal his excitement by even a fraction. This Pug is on his way to PetSmart when dad tells him where they are going. Be prepared to provide specific and thoughtful examples that allow you to go in depth about your relevant experience and expertise. Be prepared to ask us questions—Interviewing is a mutual selection process and we want you to be just as excited about us as we are about you. Captain is already so excited at this point, the first 30 seconds or so of the video are unintelligible, but mostly filled with what sounds like, “Yay!” “Whoopee!” “We’re here!” “Let’s go!” So he rolls up in pet supply retail giant PetSmart and asks for the oldest betta fish they’ve got (he wants the one that’s suffered there the longest), and that’s when things take a turn for the worst. She is very much a people dog. PetSmart is proud to be part of so many communities! Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! PetSmart will take your guinea pig if you bought it from a PetSmart store — though restrictions apply. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Together, we've saved over 8.5 million pets through adoptions. Your local dog groomer is as close as your neighborhood PetSmart! We partner with shelters across North America to help homeless pets find loving homes. Gift certificates to help our rescue needs are appreciated and can be sent to us online via Remember how were so excited that you inappropriately jumped up and down squealing your head off? Use our guide to different dog foods, including grain free, organic and natural. Whether your puppy is being housetrained, pees when excited or your older dog is incontinent, our collection of potty-training supplies can help. So he did the only thing he could think of to soothe his soul: head on over to PetSmart and pick up a new betta fish to plug that hole in his heart. In exchange for letting Chewy go, creditors of the new PetSmart would benefit from a slightly more conservative debt profile, resulting in lower … Most shops offer grooming, training, boarding, and veterinary services. Search, discover and share your favorite Pug GIFs. Dog Pee Pads and Diapers Help your dog know where it's OK to go with pee pads and other potty training aids. Grant funds... will go directly toward helping more pets through veterinary care such as spay/neuter services, vaccinations, dental care and other medical and preventative care! My 15 week old pug puppy Cindy and I were chasing each other around the house as we do. If you know someone who might like this, please click “Share! Get the best pet supplies online and in store! I love to talk to associates and pet parents about their thoughts and knowing all the hard work and team work that went into it! Personally I try to take my pug on two 15 minute walks a day, once in the morning just after his breakfast and once again at night just after his dinner.

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