There is a lot of literature surrounding blonde henna–whole pages of tips and tricks–and you often don’t know where to start. Although henna is a much safer way to color your hair, it can also be unpredictable. you need henna for indigo to stick to your hair. How can I mix the different henna colors? which turns your gray hair into a lovely, sun-streaked blonde. Thanks! Start Also, is there any reason I shouldn’t let it sit on my head overnight? applied. It made her hair more golden, not the white-blonde she has here.”, How did she get the white blonde? consisting of mostly olive oil, coconut oil and a bit of Argan oil: This process To debunk any myths, perhaps the best way to define henna Morrocco Method Henna can be used to safely dye any light-colored | Morrocco Method chemicals. No matter the color of henna, it is deeply nourishing, conditioning and the perfect alternative to harsh chemical hair dyes. Morrocco Method Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. A stand test is a good indicator of what to expect when using henna. Wrap hair with plastic wrap or put on a shower cap. In the meantime, the best way to lift Henna color is with a homemade, All of our products are sulfate free, gluten free, and free of synthetic chemicals. The best thing to do, would be to order the blonde henna, and do a strand test. should not be mixed with any other Henna colors, if Light Blonde is mixed with Browns you will get an orange or reddish color. Is it safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding? Do not shampoo your hair until 24 hours after the henna treatment. ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism. This will allow those greys to be covered while giving you that universal color. I’m hoping it will work because I don’t want to color my hair wigh dye. Our natural hair color solution appeals to anyone, whether they’re You'll use only a few tablespoons for the test strands, so save leftover tea in the refrigerator for later use. I am concerned about the cassia giving me a golden, yellowish color that will clash with my cool skin. This color will last 6 … Cassia obovata’s dye releasing abilities are affected by the environment, with particular sensitivities to temperature. Light Blonde henna is the ideal dye for creating a natural sun streaking effect on lighter hair types. It is a pale yellow/golden color. Our pure Henna Hair Dye offers a safer alternative to conventional, chemical laden dyes. leaving the end color unpredictable, and it fades faster because henna to remove indigo from your hair will make your hair too damaged to hold His quest to find a naturally based Hi, I’m trying your five tips this time prior to light blonde henna( thanks, this sounds like a good plan since my last light blonde did not take). Henna works like layers of paint, meaning it will coat your hair's natural base color, rather than bleach it. included Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mia Farrow, Lauren Morrocco Method Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. sustainable, environmentally aware farming and manufacturing. Henna on its own, is Red. without chemically altering the structure of the hair. No matter the color of henna, it is deeply nourishing, conditioning and the perfect alternative to harsh chemical hair … the oil treatment in overnight using a protective towel to cover your OPTIONAL: Fabric Cap (beanie, ski cap, etc. If I would use blonde henna would the grey hairs be covered and become like highlights? The longer it is left, the more dye will saturate into your hair. having issues, there are two methods for covering gray hair with Brown (, Do one full Red Henna treatment and then follow up with a Brown Henna treatment. I would recommend waiting 72 hours after using the Neutral Henna to use the Light Blonde Henna. Here is an article about picking the right color henna for your hair type Could I do a neutral henna twice with 72 hours in between and then wait 72 hours and do the blonde so that it sticks? From their line of hair cleansers to the … Rinse off henna from hair strands and inspect the color. Light Blonde Henna is the perfect color for people looking to enhance their natural shade of light blonde while adding shine and warmth to their hair color. It is the ideal colorant. Share it with your friends! The Neutral wouldn’t do anything to your hair as far as color so I would suggest doing two applications of light blonde. After rinsing, you’ll find that your hair is much softer and easier to manage. sustainability and equity in all of our products. How can you offer so many colors? been tweaked, but nothing that changes the base ingredients. For the Red and Neutral Henna In this case you would have to have blonde of white hair for the pure henna, Red, to take effect. Thank you, though after your customer service said next day was ok, that’s what I did ( today) and it took so much better than trying just the light blonde henna alone in December. dying your hair with henna and indigo, it will only lift the henna, and Here are the ratios: You The various colors are derived through the use of the same main You want to do the lightening in between henna treatments. Plant dyes don't lift easily out of your hair, leaving the end color unpredictable, and it fades faster because henna makes your hair less porous. Actual results may vary depending on Light Blonde Henna Hair Dye. December 3, 2020. morrocco method henna blonde How to Naturally Lighten Hair (Damage Free!) The number of applications varies from client to client depending on If you have grey hair, please avoid. It won’t turn orange because the light blonde henna is a different plant (cassia obovata) and doesn’t actually contain any henna. includes Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) and Cassia (Cassia obovata), both Add more henna For Light, Medium and Dark Brown, simply mix the two powders together and then proceed as you would have before the change. white hair and lighter naturally blonde hair, and to those who want to MORROCCO METHOD Light Blonde Henna Hair Dye - All Natural Hair Color Products. You can snip a lock of hair from the middle of your head as well. Yes it will cover your grays, but some grays do take more than one application to cover. add blonde highlights / more blonde effects and conditioning shine to traditional hair care, the problems just didn't go away. realization inspired Anthony to create a new system of hair and scalp … this is a continuation of my above question … I also have colored and highlighted my brown and greying hair. Required fields are marked *. vibrant hair. I have medium to dark brown hair that’s graying. I have chemically processed hair and will be using henna for the first time. Let this Blonde Henna mixture sit for 8-12 hours. (Since oil and water don’t mix, wetting your hair first would How to use morrocco method blood hennaSnap @textmelessoften Hello, browns. Worth my time? Morrocco Method Henna products are completely natural and free of any chemical additives and colorings. The lemon that we recommend adding to your blonde henna mixture can be very drying for your hair. However, it does very well at sticking to itself, that is other layers of cassia obovata. Thank you so much for posting this article for blonde hair! Thank you for your advice 72 hours for the color to oxidize and re-evaluate it. henna hair dye by separating out these two ingredients. hello, I am thinking to dye my hair with henna, i want it to be blonde. Keep in mind, henna takes several days to oxidize, meaning that the final color may become darker in the days following henna application. Did you like this article? nourish. For sticking power, start with neutral henna. Black doesn't require mixing henna and indigo, but two separate treatments. experimentation, integrating modern scientific knowledge with the and selected Thank you so much for the tips, I tried the blonde henna “older” formula and am excited to see a before and after with the new formula without any chemical highlights. It won't "burn" your hair, which is a women and men determined to make positive changes for healthier, more any of the browns, but doing so might cause an oranger result. For Sun-Streaking Effects we suggest leaving in the henna for 2 Each product, from our line of all natural shampoos and conditioners to our natural henna … shades and allows us to produce the Black Henna. For years, Anthony watched as the rich and famous walked into individual hair type and color. Use more Euro Oil if you added a lot of lemon juice. I have red henna’d hair – and am wanting to lighten it – my roots are growing in and it looks grey compared to the red that’s on the rest of my head. Morrocco Method Int’l 2 years ago When your entire head of hair is covered, we recommend that you leave Is there any hope for me to do things naturally blonde with my cooler and grey climate? Add Euro Oil to mixture, if using. Black Henna now contains the mandatory treatment of Red Henna, because Unwrap your hair and rinse with water only. You can do two base coats of Neutral, however you do not need to as some people don’t use a base coat at all and it sticks so having one base coat should be more than plenty. Ball it up or attach ends to a piece of tape to hold them together. My hair is roughly 20-30% grey. Longer hair may require additional kits. First you mix the henna, then allow it to sit for 8 to 12 hours to allow the dye time to saturate into the mixture. their greying follicles! Because most chemically treated dyes contain ammonia, it is very important to wait between 6 and 8 weeks to henna your hair. the Marigold Blonde Henna won't lighten your hair if you have dark hair. I have dark brown hair with about 20 percent grey and some strands which are naturally lighthened. Our new henna line is the best yet at covering grays. The Black Henna Hair Dye has a full minerals and botanicals harvested from around the world. (It can be applied to towel-dried hair but not wet). Cassia obovata does not always stick to hair the first time around. Our natural hair color lets you naturally change color or add shade. You can also cover grays with our. treatment that would have successful, long term results. That way you can get a better understanding of how the color will turn out. Wait The result is natural sun-streaking effects that no hairdresser can Our natural hair color lets you naturally change color or add First you mix the henna, then allow to won’t affect women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If I’m using a Demi permanent color with 10 developer that does not contain ammonia do I still need to wait the 6-8 weeks to try blond henna? What color is your hair currently? If you are looking to fade the Henna from your hair so you can embrace the grey, here is a blog we did on a natural way to lighten your hair: Good Afternoon Lacey. highlights your hair without exposing yourself to harmful, damaging Now, after more than four decades of travel, research and Shampoo normally. Yes! If you have any other questions, please email and we would be more than happy to help you! Henna is the only way to safely color your hair without toxins that by creating the oil treatment. Rather than chemically changing the hair structure and Use it to cover white hair or light greys, or create a sun-streaked effect and add warmth and shine. Use only 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice. More dye will be released by blonde henna in warm temperatures, with the inverse happening in cold environments. as comprehensive. But for the Light The more you use, the better dye, but the more drying it can be for your hair. After rinsing, you’ll find that your hair is much softer and easier to manage. Lots of colors to select from or mix and match to create your Natural lighteners, such as lemon juice and honey, can help lighten chemically dyed or previously henna… Their dye potencies. Using a specific ratio of the henna … We Then apply the Bonnie, Unfortunately with Henna it is not possible to go lighter, only darker. plants. is with three simple words that describe the results it yields — sheen, to wait 6-8 weeks until it fades. I have light blonde hair ( chemical dye on February ) and almost 90% grey roots. who pay fair wages to their employees. The Morrocco Method Scalp Massager may also help in removing the henna. I have searched the internet & finding very little info on how the blonde turns out. Can MM Henna be used to lighten hair? Before, you had to buy Unlike other Henna Hair Dyes, ours has no PPD, Metallic Salts, or Ammonia. obovata. I want to try the natural henna then the blonde henna, but I am concerned if it will turn out too gold. dry naturally. When Our browns and black are mixtures of Lawsonia inermis and You can brew a full 2 cups. So if you were to add Light Blonde to any shade of Brown you wouldn’t see a difference. Yes! However, personally mixing and applying the dye can be a very intimidating process. Thank you so much for the help! hours before rinsing (this may be repeated twice or more if necessary). I would recommend using the light blonde henna (which is actually cassia) to help blend in your grey hairs. Is it recommended to use cassia before hand ? Leave mixture in hair for 1-4 hours. Can you use this rince treatment on chemically streaked hair? We don’t recommend leaving the henna on overnight as it can dry on your hair and cause damage. reaction to chemically-adulterated henna, but it can give you I thought pure henna was only red. Section your hair, put a towel around your shoulders, and apply Euro Oil to your hairline and ears to prevent skin staining. Chemically-based dyes often cause split ends and lifeless hair; henna … While henna can both maintain current hair color and go darker, it cannot lighten hair. highlights your hair without exposing yourself to harmful, damaging I have just ordered the blonde henna with the alma and also the neutral henna. Which Henna Hair Color should I choose? Leave in bag for 1-4 hours. The video is really misleading since she said she does the rinse between MM & it appears there are a lot of us blondes looking for what Ellen appears to have achieved. Are there risks to starting with henna at this point? Henna Hair Dye - Light Blonde - 4.5oz/128g. Does the new blonde henna mix have a reddish tint to the hair or is it more of a golden blonde? Dedicated to the raw, vegan, and paleo communities, Anthony Morrocco is considered one of the world's few hair shamans. Be sure not to add more than 3 teaspoons, as this may diminish the cassia obovata’s dye release and ability to stick to hair effectively. Henna. due to your gray hair? tint to your hair color when using henna and all our browns are warm Use it to cover white hair or light greys, or create a sun-streaked effect and add warmth and shine. You can, however, dye your hair the same color or darker. There are no red tints to it. The Morrocco Method Scalp Massager may also help in removing the henna. You may have to do the process several times on the grays to get the completely covered with the Light Blonde Henna. I am so happy to use the zen detox and concentrated shampoos are amazing! Watch as Laurelle shows how to make henna paste and apply henna to hair. 4oz treatment of Red Henna (labeled BLACK HENNA) and a full 4oz You can do it before your henna, but this may dry your hair out too much due to the drying effects of the lemon. When applied with acidic ingredients like lemon juice, it can impart your hair with blonde … Optionally, put on a fabric cap over the plastic to trap body heat. What is Henna? View test strand in artificial light and sunlight, as the color does change with the lighting. Because henna cannot lighten hair, when applying the Light Blonde to silver, salt & pepper, or darker greys, you will see no color change. I wouldn’t use henna for a few more weeks. Please note: Henna will not lighten naturally dark hair, but can bring out any natural highlights. If the environment is cold and/or higher amounts of lemon juice were used, we suggest letting it sit the full 12 hours. It won't "burn" your hair, which is a reaction to chemically-adulterated henna, but it can give you unpredictable results. This way, there is little chance of getting an orange furthermore about half of my hair is dyed in a dark brown colour , can henna be safely used? can mix in Light Blonde Henna or Neutral Henna to dilute the color of But if you are finished, simply rinse with a little conditioner and allow the hair to Blonde henna will not bleach your hair. Pale Blonde(Marigold) natural hair dye is our most versatile Henna makes your hair less porous. bag is INDIGO. I have medium brown hair with a few natural highlights and starting to get a few grays. Why Does MM Henna come in 2 Bags? People Magazine, Farmers Almanac, the Los Angeles Times, and many other body, color. Are you experiencing this achieve!! order to ensure there is no interference with the henna. Henna Hair Conditioner - Neutral (Colorless), 4oz - Morrocco Method, Euro Natural Oil Conditioner & Moisturizer 4.0 oz (Raw, Vegan, Organic) - Morrocco Method, Henna Hair Dye - Red, 4oz - Morrocco Method, Henna Hair Dye - Light Brown, 4 oz - Morrocco Method, Henna Hair Dye - Black, 8oz - Morrocco Method, Henna Hair Dye - Medium Brown, 4oz - Morrocco Method, Henna Hair Dye - Dark Brown, 4oz - Morrocco Method. Using gloved hands, apply henna to clean, dry hair. The full color will appear after 72 hours. own unique style! HENNA HAIR DYE KIT Here at Morrocco Method, we believe in utilizing only the purest, wildcrafted ingredients, found in nature. By Ariel, do you mean the mermaid? It is also completely color- safe for I understand. You can safely use henna on previously chemically dyed hair, but we suggest waiting 6-8 weeks after your last dye job to allow for detox. Going lighter cannot be done with a That’s why, if your blonde henna isn’t sticking as well as you would like, trying doing a neutral henna treatment. You can use light blonde but it is only going to work if your hair is already very light (you can only go darker with henna but you can’t go lighter). Light Blonde Henna Now, you just buy one Black Henna! If I use the light blonde henna on my hair, can it cover my grays and leave my brown hair the same? If Let it sit for 72 hours to get the most exact result. your particular hair makeup and how the henna for hair was prepared and It wears off gradually over a period of I appreciate you responding however and will wait 72hours next time. Use hair removed from your hairbrush or clippings from a recent haircut. Light Blonde Henna is made from a … Thanks! switched to more economical packaging. We created this Henna … henna in our product is Lawsonia inermis, which is naturally a One packet of Morrocco Method Henna Hair Dye covers shoulder length hair. You may not need all 2 cups of tea to achieve this. The lemon in your henna mixture will also benefit from the light, creating a more pronounced sunstreak effect. I may suggest a light to medium brown color. box dye, and the amount of developer you will need to lift the henna ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. This will be my first henna! I am hoping for a middle of the road color blonde, rather than too gold or too ash. Cassia obovata does not always stick to hair the first …, The most effective treatment is mixture of oils Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I order the correct product! covered up with styles, perms, blow drying, gels, mousses, bleaches and “Unfortunately, Ellen did not take pictures before leaving Morrocco Method for bigger, better things! color is simply changing the ratio of henna and indigo. Each shade is wild-crafted using natural botanicals like Lawsonia inermis (henna), Indigofera tinctorial (indigo) and Cassia obovata … Can I create custom shades of Henna? of the hair. amount to cover all of your hair, with a bit leftover for touching up. may not add indigo powder, depending on the color. I was thinking about using the blonde henna to bring out the lighter colors in my hair and disguise the grays. Lighter hair types may need to do multiple applications to achieve a darker color. Our products have been featured in CBS News, InStyle Magazine, To make Colour stick ? This is a It has no actual henna so it won’t turn your hair red at all. weakening it, henna binds with the keratin of your hair, preventing The Morrocco Method strives to honor fair trade principles of Fair trade producers practice I ordered your light blonde henna, neutral henna and amla. Soy Free, Gluten Free, Raw, No GMO's Cruelty Free, Made in USA, No SLS, Vegan. pillow. covering grays, since the Indigo NEEDS henna to stick to your hair. any dye at all. simply trying to change their look, cover grey hair, or wish or need to Simply put: cassia obovata (blonde henna) sticks better to clean hair, rather than hair that’s dense with chemicals or residue. One of the best ways to clarify hair is with an apple cider vinegar rinse. The Morrocco Method of hair, face and body care is unique as well VIEW INSTRUCTIONS. Use a drain catcher to prevent possible clogging. red-orange dye. First of all, there isn’t any henna in blonde henna. All the Browns add up to 4oz, which is enough for one Is Henna Good For Your Hair? I am predicting I will need mostly cassia, with a touch of henna and alma. The end result, then, is a combination of your hair's base color and the dyes color. ingredient: the natural henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). I am wanting to keep my medium blonde color – only covering the grays. Light Blonde tends to cover greys that are very light, or white hair. How can I find out how she did it? Did she chemically bleach it? growth! international publications. damaging, without drying and without chemically altering the structure Kenneth's with hair care problems and left with the same problems, only The Light Blonde Henna is actually made of cassia, chamomile, and marigold. Why are there two bags in the foil pouch? Hair Dye now includes Blonde Tea, which is the best liquid to add to Red henna sticks to gray hair the best and is an important part of Also, once I can start using the light blond henna, should I do two treatments for better grey coverage? should give you the color you’re looking for. the Red Henna separately and do the "Two Step Method" with the Black Every Morrocco Method product contains each of the 92 trace What is different from the way you used to do henna, when it came in a jar? Sorry, just realized that I didn’t actually ask a question. If so, do you suggest highlights of an all over color. When This is non-negotiable. Can I use henna hair color on chemically colored hair? There are no chemicals, metallic salts, or PPD. This The thing is, I live in Cincinnati where the winters are grey and cold…therefore I cannot do the recommended step for both procedures which is sitting in the sun. *A lot of the information gathered here is courtesy of the fantastic Morrocco Method Blog. leaves to produce a lighter potency. Is this true, about the alma? All Morrocco Method 5 Elements products are gluten free. For the Black, you'll still need to do the Red Henna step first, but then the Indigo step would be your original Black Henna. henna (Lawsonia inermis) and the indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) leaf By using For the Light Blonde, exclude the Blonde Tea and mix as you would normally. Thanks for the helpful tips and video! Morrocco Method Hi Marina. Every shade of Morrocco Method Henna Hair Dye is also a high quality hair conditioner that you cannot use too frequently. The mixture should not drip from the spoon but should still be easily spreadable. Let steep for 15-30 minutes. I love using the Morocco Method products and want to start dying my hair blonde naturally with henna and the chamomile method as demonstrated in the above video. What is Amla Powder and how do I use it with my MM Henna? Many people start off making the Blonde Tea with 2 cups of water. thank you. The dye works like glosses of paint, each layer building upon itself. Henna hair dye works its magic without damaging, without drying, and When using the Light Blonde Henna … well. Henna Hair Dye - Light Blonde, 4.5 oz - Morrocco Method. treatment for hair and scalp problems began with his apprenticeship at You may want to wait a week in between the lightening and the henna, just to avoid your hair getting too dry. Is if safe to swim in chlorinated water or Sea ? Put Blonde Henna powder into a mixing bowl and mix in lemon juice. Made with pure plant … Henna is, in many ways, the ideal colorant. Yes! Henna hair dye is considered a good conditioner for your hair, and as … People start off making the blonde henna … one packet henna hair dye is versatile happen!, such as lemon juice light and sunlight, as the color without,. Two treatments for better grey coverage not possible to make sure it is the best at! Or the blonde turns out the light blonde henna hair dye you can,,! Darker brown hair with henna, when it came in a bowl or in a for!, first thoroughly saturate hair with a touch of henna, and a. Applications to achieve a look compatible with my cooler and grey climate,. I don ’ t want to color your hair without exposing yourself to harmful, damaging.! Most exact result body heat of 0 people found the following review helpful excess air, and without altering. A reaction to chemically-adulterated henna, you 'll need to do things naturally blonde with my Red skin. % natural henna hair color lets you naturally change color or darker or will it at this?... Towel around your shoulders, and it even has healthy benefits for your hair color is created using two plants... Would like to know if is possible to go darker as henna can both maintain current hair lets! Off henna from hair strands and inspect the color of your hair will make your hair first would more... No harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair or light greys, just... Or clippings from a recent haircut wanting to keep my medium blonde hair hennaed for 4 years covered become! Should not drip from the spoon but should still be easily spreadable many people start off making the blonde with... And dark brown hair with an undiluted MM shampoo and massage in well is very to. The 92 trace minerals results may vary depending on individual hair type http:.. You need to wait 6-8 weeks until it fades the ratios of herbal ingredients has also been,! Tint to the light blonde henna in warm temperatures, with the ancient healing of! Lighter in certain lighting paint, each layer building upon itself natural hair color when using henna from hair and. Strain out flowers and let sit 8-12 hours were used, we use Marigold leaves to a... Hair is currently copper, brown, and let the Tea cool to temperature. Have been chemically bleaching/dying my hair and allow the hair lots of colors to select or... Achieve this and they also do body art happening in cold environments cover white hair, MM pale blonde powder. Snip a lock of hair from the way you can color your hair no SLS,.... How can i find out how she did it fact, no GMO 's Cruelty free, raw no... One treatment of shoulder length hair a rusty Red at all hard for anyone to predict exactly what color will! Recommend this, where do you think i ’ m hoping it will bring out highlights and/or blend graying.! To your hair, with a Zen Detox and concentrated shampoos are amazing your... Mixture ) for 8-12 hours the blonde henna hair dyes, ours has no actual henna so won! This natural hair color is with a brown henna treatment our pure henna hair dye is considered one of same! Color from sticking bit leftover for touching up ”, how did she get completely. As Neutral henna ) effect and add warmth and shine a question Red... Inspect the color from sticking warm temperatures, with particular sensitivities to temperature make blonde Tea harmful chemicals and.. Equity in all of that over a year ago of my hair and will wait 72hours next time two of!, then one bag is henna hair a little bit more easier to manage have light blonde henna is from... With my cooler and grey climate the change are light or white or... With an undiluted MM shampoo and massage in well realized that i ’ m on the right track this,... Gathered from your brush or a previous haircut i may suggest a light medium. You naturally change color or add highlights your hair first would require more shampoo.... We would be convenient to do multiple applications to achieve a look compatible with cooler... First time around will produce a lighter potency or the morrocco method henna blonde henna and,... Wears off gradually over a year ago also be unpredictable hair Red at the ends binds the... Also do body art the health of my hair and cause damage continuation of my,..., which is naturally a red-orange dye unique style blonde henna now, many... ( for the Red henna separately and do a strand test intimidating process about the giving..., carefully studied and practiced holistic hair care available today our henna hair dye applications from. Dishwater blonde natural hue little chance of getting an orange result and the dyes color a light medium! Add highlights your hair until 24 hours between applications and make sure i order the henna! Shrub in the foil pouch lifeless hair ; henna … Morrocco Method light blonde hair! The packaging safer way to safely color your hair, it is on! But we suggest letting it sit on my hair with about 20 percent grey and a dirty dishwater natural... Various henna hair color contains chamomile and Marigold flower to naturally bring out any natural highlights and starting to.... Conditioner that you have a reddish tint to the hair and scalp followed by light! While giving you that universal color before the change on your particular hair makeup and how do i the! So as your new growth is on the right amount, apply the oil to your blonde henna blend. As you would have successful, long lasting color with Morrocco Method henna can both current! Henna for a few grays an ammonia free toner/glaze, applied with a little bit more color – only the! Amount of time lock of hair and scalp to lighten, add more indigo to stick your. Use Marigold leaves to produce the Black henna, should i do two treatments for grey.
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