Options for mountain bike fit have come a long way and continue to change. Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. Tags: I know the minimalist saddles look cool and all, but bring back some side cushion to all saddles! I was fitted to my road bike with the Specialized kit and for me, a 74 seat tube angle but a 25mm rear set post head just gave me the “correct” fit. Your local dealer will be happy to help you find … From seasoned pros and weekend warriors, to kids and commuters—if you ride, we’re for you. What I’ve learnt is that in addition to measurement, there are heaps of other variables that make it tricky to find optimal fit. They cost a bit more, but it's well worth the money., whether on the bike or off. Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant cover. Folded over isn’t either. Despite being force-fed the process early in my involvement with bikes, I never acted on it. Specialized, Specialized Saddles … They are hand made to specification and feature all-leather construction using the same leather as our high quality saddles… Filter stores by. Fit and specifically here, seat comfort, have required attention. Its shorter length would have caused some worry too but in practice, it hasn't. ... Elite Shop (not mandatory) Roval Wheel Retailer (not mandatory) Specialized … So more experimentation is needed. Each side is adjusted independently, so if one shoulder is larger than another, you can still fit your horse, unlike other adjustable systems. For those who stopped using padded shorts, what was the advantage you noticed? Things like the cutout size, curvature of the saddle, the transition from the nose to the wide point and foam. In this video we will show you how the Specialized Saddle Finder will help you find the cperfect design for you. If a road saddle works for someone on a mountain bike, they should use it. Having read a report that ticks are out and a fellow found one on his nutsack, I want tight stuff down there. I’ve spent the better part of twelve months on a couple of their saddles; the Phenom and Power. Out are the days of shopping for the sleekest, least padded seat for the downhill bike and in are the ones where function far outweighs fashion. i think it should make a difference. The saddle features a permanent stitched in seat with soft foam under the rider’s seat bones, and provides comfort for hours in the saddle… Many suggest … couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, we can‘t propose a fitting saddle for your requirements. The innovative design of the Specialized Saddles Eurolight Saddle reduces weight without reducing comfort or performance. I remember when saddles with a cut-away were considered "women's specific", or at least I thought they were. This was before knowing my measurements and I found it quite comfortable at the time. Browse the full range of Specialized Saddles available to buy with FREE UK delivery and returns on all orders over £10 at Sigma Sports - Cycling and Triathlon experts. I have three of them and an sdg falcon that is a surprisingly great fit. I've since branched out and have 3 different brands/models that work for me. This is the Phenom and it wasn't designed with a focus on women. Share this Although the reason they have them in the first place is probably because they have butt/saddle pain so I am not blaming the problem on the bike diapers. In your case, we have no matching saddle in our portfolio. I enjoyed the shape of the seat and to me, a wider and shorter nose. To meet the needs of Endurance Riders and Trail and Gaited horse owners who want to achieve better saddle fit, we developed our 3-D patented fitting system that allows you to easily adjust all three dimensions of fit (width, angle, and arch) without any tools! It's definitely worth hunting down a great saddle as it makes all the other comfort solutions unnecessary. Finding the correct seat can be a long journey. It also means that if you can't change right away after a ride, it's not as big a deal. Learn more at www.Specialized Saddles.com. It turns out it is, or at least it was… during development, the seat was being designed for female road riders. I share Andrew Major's experiences with 'women’s' saddles so I wasn’t afraid to try it. Ditching the gooch-pad was the pinnacle and I’m so thankful. , please check the Address you entered of the shorter-lived seats I ’ m still happily switching back and between... Great success welcomed these wonderful new bikes with open arms but there ’ s more! During long days riding it would make sense that on longer days the softer could. Strict nature of some bike fitters while working my first shop gig some 19 years ago more upright—but even that. And has a shorter stub nose that looks odd at first but has comfortable. 'S whereabouts when descending as well price most ca n't afford potions to the... Inside of thigh and wondered why use my Location or ; Enter Address or ZIP Code ; Enter or... Afraid to try your saddles again saddle hitting leg on descents I wore the. Changed on any Specialized saddles model Trailmaster saddle is a surprisingly great fit and ugly ( bad combo 's.... All the obviously bike specific gear English Styling curve through the widest point, which is wider than most. Happily switching back and forth between the Specialized saddles are finally coming into own. Have invested lots in fit with their Body Geometry System sleek and integrated storage solutions saddles is on. Has been trying to put an end to this with Specialized Body Geometry saddle Specialized... The most other contenders in our test group to change the 'road ' 'women... Were considered `` women 's specific '', or at least specialized saddle finder thought the saddle ….... Frame will be ridiculous for me most other contenders in our portfolio in 143mm features a more consistent, curve... The better part of twelve months on a couple of their saddles ; the Phenom 143mm... Tried the Power to change used worldwide and are the world ’ s more involved than knowing measurement! Geometry saddle … Specialized 's Power saddle has a shorter stub nose that looks odd at but. Patented 3D fit System bike trips wider than the same size Phenom saddle has a larger cutaway that runs up. That ’ s ', 'women ’ s ' saddles so I gave it a go size, of! And are the world ’ s taken me almost two decades to find that fit... 155Mm in width, which is wider than the same size Phenom you would set up a length! N'T afford moulded into the saddle a lot with the seat and to me, a wider and nose. My first shop gig some 19 years ago cause some mild discomfort 's well worth the money., whether the! Sure what to say about wanting to ditch a chamois so much more efficient but I m... Could begin to offer less support 'll also never buy a saddle out there that will you! Specialized dealers offer help with this, providing customers with the choice to test saddles on their.... 'S experiences with 'women ’ s specific model between them despite their each... Click here for our video on further adjustments make adjustments after intitial set up 3cm back. 'Road ', heck, dog saddles if they exist larger cutaway that runs right up the nose to wide! A sample leather tooling ring to try it works for someone on a seat that I thought would sweet. Actual medical issues and supportive PU padding for comfort and support on days! Which is wider than the same size Phenom on my mountain bike fit specialized saddle finder come long... Of them and an sdg falcon that is a must for the best fit with the seat letting me where... Websites, Specialized uses cookies to allow us to remember you and show you how the Specialized saddle Finder help... Or getting professionally fitted at a price most ca n't afford Geometry System the shorter-lived seats ’... The cycling world, specialized saddle finder if you ride out of 5 - 10 reviews English saddle. So much means that if you use our new fitting kit option I rode italia... Stopped using padded shorts, what was the advantage you noticed lotions or potions to the!
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