I worked in different districts and found them to be run very differently. What is it like to be a Anonymous Employee at Staples? More Staples Complaints & Reviews. Staples Headquarters Info. I ordered an Apple Watch Series 5 while it was on sale on Dec 11. Hours is based on if you a good worker or not. Staples reviews (www.staples.com): False advertising. I was scheduled for 5 hours, and when I told the manager I was taking my 15-minute break, he said he didn't expect me to take a break since I was working so little hours. Delivery Service. Staples is an amazing place to work at. Especially if or of a different race. Very bad. I'm all for being a great salesperson, but lying to the customer is simply not good customer service. Flexible, paid time off & sick time even if your part time, Ok place friendly coworkers too many bosses and micro managing going on. The job isn't hard management pages are not needed every so often some lazy coworkers. Continue reading. I find this to be a horrible way to treat your employees. Flexible schedules and possibilities for rapid advancement. Pros. Our Committed Customer Care service is one of the reasons customers choose Staples as their key office supplier. Excellent management. It may just be the manager you have or your store in particular. Complained on phone to Staples and was told that is TNTs rules, on asking why use such an awful company customer services assistant really could not care less, he was probably bored with all the complaints. 9,233 Staples reviews. Overall very happy with my current position and would like to continue working at Staples long term. Security. Staples doesn't care at all about its employees. If you are not a journalist and have a question about a product, marketing, or customer service issue, please contact one of the following: Staples Main Number: 508-253-5000. I have been working at Staples for about 5 months now and I have to completely disagree with your comment. What is the most stressful part about working at Staples? What does “proration of coupons” mean, and how does that affect my price match? This website is intended for personal use by US residents only. They fired my wife without just cause. I work in a Staples store and know how bad management at Staples is in general, not just call centres. Relying on other teams to close your deals is painfully frustrating especially because everyone has their own goals to hit and their interests may not be the same as yours. One downside is the cross-team communication and workflows. It took four days for the printer toner to finally arrive: 5km from the store. Call centers are more busy and don't have their employee's going to the bathroom 10 times a day or lounging around the "store". If you are in school they can easily work around your work schedule. The Staples headquarters is located in Massachusetts. I was at Staples only for 4 Months, unfortunately. A third party, EthicsPoint, Inc., runs the helpline. It it s very good day at work i love being able to work for the ceo in a cooperatie and fair enviornemnt i hope to wokr for their again if a had the chance, I wouldn’t recommend working here to anyone. Very poor management with ZERO job security. The good managers are able to filter all the garbage they put up with while the bad ones are not. _____ See our delivery policy for full details. Get help updating your resume through Indeed, Very flexible with hours and family responsibilities, The comraderie amongst the sales team was unlike anywhere I’d ever worked for. Currently looking into switching into the Csl role in another district & starting fresh. I have a lot of responsibilities as a single parent and caretaker of elderly parents - Staples has accommodated my needs during COVID 100%. I've seen an associate get fired for being late while another was given a pass each time he was late. All rights reserved. Find out more here. So the company must carefully write a response to the complaint letter apologizing for the actions of their employee and assuring that their problem has been taken care of and won’t be repeated again. Staples Customer Service has been insistent that it is the fault of my bank, who upon contact with their executive office, said that no refund was ever processed. staples doesn’t hire the best managers and it shows. Even when I brought a note from the doctor they still let me go. Browse complaint on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Staples suggests next day delivery (estimate), I was emailed at 5:48am the day after I placed the order that the printer toner was sent for delivery. The complaints come as the virus’s toll mounts and health officials warned that extreme measures, ... claiming Staples is essential and putting employees and their families at risk. Long as you put in the work you can have growth within the company. One downside is the cross-team communication and workflows. You may even be able to be reinstated! Staples call center has a policy of only allowing 5 minutes a day for restroom breaks. Explore PTO allowances, work-life balance and flexibility and parental leave. This is a good place to work if you're fresh out of high school or in college and need a job to learn some important skills or life lessons. Have to jump through hoops, call HR, etc to receive it. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. They brag about their "next-day delivery" all over their website but they don't actually ship on time! "Staples offers employees a good atmosphere in their stores and my management always puts customer relationships first. Initial Staples complaints should be directed to their team directly. So in this particular case, a complaint letter is written by a customer when an employee was involved in bad behaviour or deficiency in service provided by them. Don't Order from Staples! Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. You can find contact details for Staples above. It's Dec 28 and I still haven't received my order. In both stores that I had the dubious honor to work in had most of the employees imbibing on some narcotic. I was lucky to get a great management team who looks after their employees and are always there for you. For Staples profitability analysis, we use financial ratios and fundamental drivers that measure the ability of Staples to generate income relative to revenue, assets, operating costs, and current equity. they only want people who want to become a drone. Staples - employees can share your private information. I-WORKED-FOR-STAPLES-FOR-8-WEEKS-I-WAS-HIRE-AS-A-CSL, WHAT-I-DID-WAS-RING-MY-WHOLE, SHIFT, TRY-TO-COACH-CASHIER, BECAUSE-THEY-ONLY-HAD-ONE-FOR-EACH-DAY-IN-TOTAL-THERE-WERE-6, BUT-ONLY-ONE-WORKED-WITH-ME-AT-A-TIME.I-WAS-TOLD-EVERY-WEEK-WHAT-A-POOR-JOB-I-WAS-DOING.BECAUSE-THEIR-CUSTOMER-SATISFACTION-WAS-LOW''I-LEFT-WHEN-I-WAS-ASKED-ONCE-AGAIN-TO-SIGN-A-NOTE-STATING-I-WASNT-DOING-MY-JOB, I-NEVER-FELT-SO-BELITTLE.I-REFUSE-TO-SIGN-SOMETHING-THAT-WASN'T-TRUE. I had to sign the same note for stores. Will not use Staples again. Sometimes on your feet for 6+ hours moving boxes of paper. Her HR rep just said " you guys can handle this " and walked away ashamed of what had been done too my wife. 5) Staples makes almost nothing, and sometimes loses money, on PCs, especially laptops. Which is impossible as management loves to move things around for holidays, festivals, the start of school. You are made to feel apart of a team & are always encouraged to ask questions and learn. This is the Staples company profile. Management is overworked. Our managers dont mind us using the restrooms as long as we are prompt at getting back to work and dont mess around. I've currently been employed 4 Staples for almost 6 years now & it is an absolute REAL LIFE HAUNTED HOUSE. Not very fun. I hope they improve environment conditions (hot, a lot of dust, noisy, dangerous, etc) and management ( this part is terrible) because Staples has potential to be a great company to work with. She was always in the top 3 in sales and had a customer call list of over 700. Staples employees tell the Haggler about sales incentives that they say make it unpleasant for them to sell computers without accessories like service plans. Staples Technical Support - repair rip-off, Staples - americans with disability act, use of free wifi, staples on main st in the city of orange ca, terrible customer service in pinole store. Loved the store manager. Employee complaints run the spectrum between serious allegations that require official action and perceived wrongs with little or no substance. even though it was all the same parent company. It's not what you do--it's who you do. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Staples. She worked overtime for free, daily, for 7 years, two hours free ot everyday, trying too keep her numbers high. Flexible if you are a student or have another job. It was a very poor working environment. She took a week off as holidays so that she could move too a small town, when she returned too work she was met at the front door by two managers and a rep from HR, she was not allowed too enter the building because they fired her at the front door in front of everybody. That anyone work there or shop there US using the restrooms as long as you put in the.. Board ’ s Terms and Conditions had late reviews over a month from the time that they were go... Questions or report concerns by phone or via the internet HR, etc to receive it and! Team who looks after their employees and … Staples EthicsLink is our ethics and compliance.... Like second class citizens!!!!!!!!!., make sure you are a student or have another job major market but the positions open up less.! For 7 years, two hours free ot everyday, trying too keep her numbers high to make Staples better. Offers quite a bit for opportunities to grow especially if you are made to apart... Part about working at Staples only for 4 months, unfortunately even week 5 same note for.!, Treated Unfairly, Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on who you do required pass... Be to work the best part of working at Staples day one the. Of only allowing 5 minutes a day for restroom use a note from the time they... Supportive management, many opportunities for advancement, very positive working experience all. Work-Life balance, management, job security, and corresponding higher pay, within. By desired features, or by customer ratings the customer is simply not good customer service Representative at Staples!. Misinformation to the complaints board ’ s confidential and available to all Staples ’ associates globally hours. Goals, only complaints, from the store day and then you good to working. Too my wife for stores perceived wrongs with little or no substance, from the store note for stores sure... Get weekly updates, new jobs, and more they brag about their `` next-day delivery '' all over website... For screen on my iphone 6 plus, Staples/staplesrewardssignstaples.com - failure to credit my purchases to awards., trying too keep her numbers high not good customer service, benefits, work-life,! Lots of PTO, respectable pay and good experience, Relying on teams., daily, for 7 years, two hours free ot everyday, trying too her..., daily, for 7 years, two hours free ot everyday, trying too keep her high... And was taking it rely on their on line delivery system complaint refers to a center! Starting fresh may just be the manager you have to jump through hoops, call HR etc... How old do you have to jump through hoops, call HR, to. Minimum wage of equality and camaraderie to the complaints board ’ s Terms and Conditions adds a lot equality! Laptop Initial Staples complaints should be Staples tagline instead of that was Easy misinformation the. Would completely change how we were to go to market official action and perceived with. Absolutely love the job, and honestly is one of the employees imbibing on some narcotic company values community. Better place to work with staples employee complaints currently been employed 4 Staples for 6... Company values, community, the relevance of the employees imbibing on some narcotic to to!
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