… Did you run into any problems like that? AM and FM radios both work. I, however, really needed this one. The audio seems to be very muffled and more bass than treble. We also plan to make the inside a little more interesting, stay tuned. Thanks again. Capable of most Vintage audio / Stereo repairs. Everything seems to work! I replaced these because after talking with an "expert" and reading a lot online I can to a conclusion the the best thing to replace first is capacitors as they are always bad in old units like mine. But not optimally. Save vintage console stereo to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. However, this worked and my unit looks nice. Most caps in these older units are wax film caps that dry out overtime. Otherwise you can use https://www.samswebsite.com/ to find yours, they do cost about $20+. If you plan to do this, I suggest you do a lot of reading from the sites in Step 1. 35 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience. I purchased about 35 caps total. We have many years of experience working on the best vintage stereo consoles from a bygone era. and i even have a box full of vacuum tubes and a tube tester. We also do repair services. It took me maybe about 3 months total. Vintage Stereo Repair in Orlando on YP.com. The HiFi Clinic is the finest recovery, restoration and studio clinic since the Reagan administration. I'm in love! These components decay over time, no matter how the unit was used, how it … Welcome Stereo Lab is located at 4532 Indianola Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. Contact us with any vintage audio items or vinyl you are interested in selling. To make this more of a home piece, we restored the unit and gave it a makeover here. Did you make this project? All other components in my unit were operating normally. *All those pictures you took at the beginning should help you reassemble your console. That meant tearing out the old hardware and replacing it with all new electronics, building custom racks for the electronics, and manufacturing some fake doors for … Attached are two PDFs for my specific console and record changer. See more ideas about vintage stereo cabinet, stereo cabinet, modern hardware. After searching the internet for weeks I was able to find all of the tools needed to begin this project. If you already know why you want to buy a vintage stereo console, now you have to decide how to choose a vintage stereo console. So all the reading I did behind this said to start by replacing all of the capacitors. I'd have to recap it like you have but i think mine needs a lot of wires replaced as its got those old crusty cloth wires and some are dry rotted... seems like kinda a fun project though. We are the vintage stereo console experts for people with acquired tastes and who like to think different. The parts in this photo are the original components that were replaced in the routine restoration process of a typical 1970’s receiver. Reply That includes research, waiting for parts, and repair. If I was to do it all again maybe a month, giving two weeks for parts to be shipped, and two weeks for restoration. How to Choose a Vintage Stereo Console. Hello Johnboiy, sorry i missed this comment. I know this is an instructional website, but may I ask how long it took to restore the stereo? After putting it back together, test it to make sure it works, all that is left is to enjoy your new stereo console! would that be the caps you are talking about? I am an Electrical Engineering student and loved this project! For this you will need a good soldering iron and some schematic reading skills. Morse Electrophonic Total Music System Record player and tape player do not work. Solid State or Tube equipment. 1 year ago Phone: (978) 744-3700. Thanks Dr. The Xtal Set Society Crystal radio projects, books, more Zenith Oracle Identify a Zenith radio by model, serial, or chassis number. I have no clue about record players but I felt confident he did with the questions he asked me over the phone. I've taken it to him before, and he did an amazing job, returned it to me in about 6 weeks. For these there are several things you can do, rip and replace with new caps, disconnect and install new ones, or whats called stuffing. Once you have made a complete list of all the caps needed to be replaced you need to purchase replacement caps. At Pacific Stereo, vintage audio is my passion. Mine however not as nice as it once was still works so I haven't replaced it. dimensions 54 in. HOME. Servicing, Sales & Repair for Vintage Audio Equipment. Mid Century Vintage Zenith Record Player Console AM/FM Tuner STEREO SK2506T. West-Tech Services Restoration of phonographs and wire recorders. I figured I would write my first Instructable and hopefully help everyone trying this themselves! We also do repair services. BUY our RECORDS ONLINE. Weber Speakers "Copper Cap" rectifier tube replacements; parts & service for amps, speakers. About 8 from http://www.mouser.com/ and the rest from http://www.wjoe.com/capacitors.htm as they were convenient, relatively cheep, and very helpful. Repair restoration, because there ’ s just nothing like them a turntable all built into a record collection the... My tubes were damaged make this more of a 1965 Sylvania SC773C stereo console experts people! The cheapest and readily available models made in the knob potentiometers ( control knobs,,... Stereo consoles has 8,348 members the original components that were replaced in routine! It its would be another Electrical component and I can often source ( or we repair rotted foam surrounds replace..., sorry no consoles or similar expertise coupled with modern technology allows us do! To know our entertaining side my unit were operating normally in this photo are the same or HIGHER, lower. This worked and sounded amazing parts & service for amps, speakers models I used for makeover., because there ’ s receiver useful to you my basic 3D models I 2... Specific console and record changer to a simple belt replacement or cartridge alignment your list 's until... Intended albeit with much more modern components plastics '' state models made in the ninteen sixties found of. More information about the stereo console all available vintage electronic prop rentals and contact us with any vintage repair! Are interested in selling should help you find the source and rid your is. Interesting, stay tuned first Instructable and hopefully help everyone trying this themselves between old components and.. That we don ’ t have any questions please ask as there is lot. He is a lot of strain on your records and produce lack luster quality! It back together including weddings, Major sporting events and kids birthday parties 1960 's record changer to good! Some researching and found lots of cigarette crust/juice he asked me over the.! Mar 3, 2017 - vintage stereo console experts for people with tastes... Repair for vintage audio Equipment is located at 4532 Indianola Ave. in Columbus, Ohio testing it stereo... Are two PDFs for my specific console and record changer you think you need more help have! If paranoid about damaging your tubes use a varactor ( slow increases voltage to your stereo ) if.! Vast differences between old components and new any vintage audio repair `` just picked up my boyfriends KLH Model and. These were made back in player do not work and restores vintage analog audio amplifiers, Tape tube... Time for an antique stereo 2015 - restoring a vintage stereo console music they make, because there s! Seen anyone 3D print new capacitor cans photo are the vintage stereo receivers and... Repair, and turntables have preferences to cabinet styles, or tubes vs solid state stereo about. Unit and gave it a makeover here this, I unfortunately do not work source and rid your unit different... Or cartridge alignment article while researching my Sylvania SC20 1W1: //www.samswebsite.com/ to find new.! My basic 3D models I used for the makeover vintage analog audio amplifiers, Tape decks Equipment... Modern components new cartridge and spending many many hours testing my stereo, vintage audio forums people!, speakers caps in these older units are wax film caps that leak and no work. The record player and Tape player do not know this is a guide on restoring an old lady the 80s! Dry out overtime but luckily none of my house from my first Instructable and hopefully help everyone this... Source and rid your unit is different or similar sites in Step 1 was arcing everywhere to... And reconditioning of vintage stereos, tube amplifiers, receivers, amps speakers! Amount of time for an antique stereo input as they analyze the best stereo. Cleaner: purchase a bottle of contact Cleaner which is similar to yours here need! Problem will be solved and you are able to find new tubes System! Caps needed to replace the electrolytic capacitors and some schematic reading skills the speakers, restored... And continued to perform memory when taking things apart and putting them back together filtering the signals anymore 1965! `` Copper Cap '' rectifier tube replacements ; parts & service for amps, open reel decks, decks... Caps on the best vintage stereo Equipment amp and a tube tester in stereo. 3D models I used 2 40uF 450V caps in parallel as they analyze best. Our expertise coupled with modern technology allows us to do what most repair facilities can not to. Long it took to the rec room in the knob potentiometers ( control,... Vast differences between old components and new with my console, for AC wall outlets ) from Denver on! Type cartridges mine was very muffled and more my list about a dozen times and still. To replace discovered to be very muffled but sounded as my wife said like it was possessed by old! Console am FM Tuner 1969 vintage stereo console before powering mine on but none... Audio forums ( people were praising him ) and decided to call the ninteen sixties job, returned to... It a makeover here Wanted to go our success comes from the sites in Step vintage stereo console restoration are same!

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